Vintage Natural Turquoise Tab and Heishi Bead Necklace with Jacla Pendant


Made before 1950, this vintage natural turquoise necklace features harmoniously distributed turquoise tabs divided by thick heishi beads and ornamented with a jacla pendant hanging from the center. In excellent condition, the turquoise exhibits a rich emerald green hue accented by subtle hints of warm spondylus red and white clam shell beads. Finished with a squaw wrap closure, this classically handsome necklace is lightweight and exhibits a delicate feel, contrasted by it’s dramatic statement of brilliant patina’d turquoise and powerful symbolism.

Jacla –  Navajo for ‘ear string‘, as the two loops would be removed from the necklace and used as earrings. Originating from the Rio Grande Pueblo Indians but used as a common trade item, they are seen in vintage photos being worn by both men and women from a variety of tribes.


26″ around the neck

3″ length of jaclas

3/4″ width of largest turquoise bead


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